Back From Boston

They warned me. Again and again, they warned me: Boston (search) isn't a FOX-friendly town.

I was warned that they hated us there and that I may even need security there.

Me? Protection?

I passed on that recommendation and it was a good thing too. They couldn't have been nicer. Inside and outside the convention, folks were hospitable and kind, even gracious and funny.

Sure, some Party stalwarts had their digs and some DNC-provided guests miraculously disappeared. Still, it was more good humor than bad form.

I don't doubt many Party higher-ups don't flip over us. But among the rank-and-file, the average folks you literally meet on the street — and I met many — they seemed to like us. A lot of it was unsolicited.

A couple of evenings, I walked Boston streets alone. The worst crank I got was a guy who swore my hair was a toupe. But after surveying me, he concluded, "Nah, just a bad haircut."

Another kidded me about my book and wondered why I hadn't set up a stand to hawk it. There was a lot of stuff like that.

You know, sometimes our political discourse can get hot and heavy, and trust me, I have no problem with hot and heavy.

You should let people know where you stand, but don't come off like you can't stand people. I think the guy who wins this race will be the guy who's figured that out.

They should take a cue from the Bostonians I met. They're among the most highly taxed people in this nation. But judging from their good humor, I now know how they deal with it.

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