My stay in Boston is over, but in just 18 hours we did as much as a group of cable people could do.

Arrived Tuesday and quickly started putting together a story that looked at how the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry is exactly like the Dems and GOP. It was a lot of fun, but one interesting theme emerged. The so-called regular people got the concept and the so-called celebs were just off the map. I asked Jerry Stiller if he saw the comparison and I get a childhood story about how his father drove a cab. O-K… but I asked you about baseball. Billy Baldwin (search) and Robert Schiff also failed to grasp the concept. Just as I was about to give up, my visit to four Boston pubs reaffirmed my faith that the passionate “win-at-all-costs” “this is our year” attitude exists in both arenas. Sox fans, lets be honest you won't win unless you get another pitcher and closer. And Kerry, you lose likely unless Iraq goes down the tubes.

By the way, I just love this city but most shop owners are saying their business is down 50 percent, because everyone has been scared out of town.

I saw some interesting demonstrations on the street, like the "Billionaires for Bush" rally and homemade bumper stickers that say, “George Bush couldn't run a Laundromat." Wow, talk about racy! If I could get a camera crew longer then two hours we could have given you more flavor. Hopefully E.D. will have more time.

What a job our three-person "Friends" crew is doing! Paulina, Tara and Jess have dealt with rotating anchors, six shows and also tried to attend a few parties -- for networking reasons only! They are about ready to drop.

Observation on the convention: It’s weird, but after the speaker is introduced for the most part the crowd mills about while they are on stage. It's weird and rude, but I guess its just tradition.

Wednesday, we had a bunch of great guests including former spaceman turned senator, Bill Nelson (search). He was at Cape Canaveral when Sen. Kerry slipped into his space suit. The former astronaut says NASA was not trying to embarrass the Democratic nominee. The white nightie is just what you wear. Sorry Mary Beth Cahill.

We also met six Super Bowl champion Patriot cheerleaders, they are pretty, athletic and sarcastic. A perfect mix! Rob Corddry of "The Daily Show" also stopped by and was hysterical. It’s not easy being funny every night and somehow they are and are treated like royalty here in Boston.

Side-note: Senator Graham of Florida was a lot of fun off camera and was truly jealous that I got to interview the cheerleaders. I offered him the opportunity to join me and at the last minute he said no. The guy really thinks the president is in over his head and I'm sure Senator Kerry will hire him if he gets into office. Senator Saxby Chamblis also joined us and will be undergoing cancer treatment this month. He looks great and is optimistic he'll be OK and so are we!

Well, time to fly home. Believe it or not, E.D. is driving up here. She swears door-to-door it’s quicker then the plane. We're about to find out. See ya in New York.


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