Audrina Patridge 'Not Ashamed' of Topless Photos

"The Hills" starlet Audrina Patridge posted a blog entry Wednesday night in response to the topless photos of her that have emerged on the Internet.

"Regarding the photos that someone released to the public today without my consent, I wanted you to know they were taken when I was just out of high school and beginning to model," she writes on her MySpace Celebrity page. "I intended them to be artistic and not in any way provocative. The photos were for personal and portfolio use only and not meant to be seen by the public," she continues.

Patridge, 22, said she's "not ashamed" of the photos, which feature the actress as a "naughty schoolgirl" and in other nearly nude shots.

Click here to see the photos (Warning: photos contain nudity.)

"I was naive, overly trusting of people and inexperienced. I thought that to be a model you had to be comfortable in front of the camera. I'm not ashamed of these photos, but I don't want my young fans to think they have to do what I did. I hope people can learn from my inexperience. It's been almost five years since I posed for that shoot, and during that time I have learned many lessons about this business."

Earlier Wednesday, Patridge responded to the photos in a statement via her representative,

"I was young and very trusting of others and I didn't know to protect myself. It is a lesson learned, for myself, and hopefully for the young girls who look up to me," she said.

A source reportedly told Splash News, which posted the photos, that Patridge was a natural in front of the camera and loved doing the shoot at a Los Angeles mansion. The source added that she was thrilled with the results, particularly the raunchy schoolgirl pics.

"She was determined to go ahead with it, even though she was warned to wait and see how her modeling went before doing topless stuff," the source reportedly told Splash. "She was always comfortable in front of the camera and wasn't shy or nervous about doing a nude shoot."

Patridge reportedly took the photos as an audition for Playboy, but the magazine wasn't interested.