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Friday night is the show I have been waiting for... only because I am curious what you think of our format.

Tonight we air our audience show. I hope you watch and let me know what you think. If you like it, we can do it again — but we can't make a steady diet of it since it must be done in New York City and I am based in Washington, D.C., (plus there are other considerations.) I like the chance to interact with the audience, since most of my work is just speaking into a vacant camera (unless I happen to have a guest with me.) I like the chance to talk to people — which is one of the reasons I read e-mails and answer. It seems weird to talk "at" people and not get a reply — which is what much of TV seems to be.

In answer to the many questions I received: No, I did not cook yesterday (and I guess the good news is that no one thus died from my cooking.) To my great disappointment, you can't get a turkey dinner out of the vending machine, so others willing join in cook to keep me out of the kitchen. While no one believes me, I can cook — I don't know why everyone is opposed to egg salad sandwiches three times a day, every day.

As you know, I have had a few days off and I feel incredibly rested. I had no idea how different life is on more than three hours sleep a day. I suppose the 12 hours I have been getting these days off is a bit excessive — I now need to break that habit as I head back to work. I am so lucky my job is easy — the only downside to it is that sleep is necessarily neglected. Fortunately I am not a surgeon and thus the sleep deprivation only shows itself in my slurred words.

In Thursday's blog, after receiving an e-mail from a fire chief in Texas, I apologized about an opinion I held about a decision to arrest a man in 2003 for not calling his probation officer. [Read yesterday's blog for more information.] The fire chief, in his e-mail and posted yesterday, said my opinion was wrong and he based his assertion on an alleged recent confession to arson by the man arrested for not calling his probation officer. I was eager to apologize and, on Thanksgiving eve, imposed upon my colleagues to help me get it posted on a holiday.

No sooner had I gotten my apologizing Thanksgiving blog posted, that the fire chief wrote me again. This time he was a bit apologetic to me since he thought his original note (and thus my apology) may have been premature and directed my attention to this news article: Click here to read the article. [Registration required]

Now, as you will read in the above link, the man says his confession was coerced — that he was not the arsonist but the hero. I assume with more time this will get sorted out and we will find out if he is a hero or an arsonist. There is obviously a HUGE difference.

The fire chief and I are both eagerly awaiting a complete resolution to this fire. The bottom line is that I am grateful to hear from the fire chief no matter how this turns out. I may have gotten a new friend out of this with the chief, since I appreciate the chance to sort things out. I hope he feels the same. I will continue to follow this... and again, thanks to the chief for writing me. He was also extremely, extremely, extremely gracious to write me and bring this to my attention. I stand by armed and ready to apologize again... to whomever deserves it.

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