We can all agree that in certain instances, what we wear can send a message. I for one have been asked many times, “Noelle, you’re the style expert, what do my clothes say about me?”

If only Ashley Dupre -- the former call-girl to ex-New York governor Eliot Spitzer — had asked an expert for some good advice.

I mean listen, exactly what direction one should take when getting dressed for a nationally televised interview would certainly take some thought even for the most seasoned of fashionistas.

In one sense, it would be sort of ridiculous to suggest Dupre go the demure route because, honestly, who would she be kidding? I mean, she was entertaining a married governor!

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At the same time, it certainly seems that she has a career in showbiz on her mind with her singing ambitions, reality-show talks and self-comparisons to Dr. Phil. So you would think dressing in something she would wear at her former place of employment would not be the best idea.

Again, I’m by no means denying that hers is not a style challenge that would take some serious consideration. It seems however, that no one put much thought into Dupre’s ensembles at all!

If anything, her handlers, stylist, mother — whoever chose her wardrobe — tried to hit both ends of the spectrum instead of somewhere in between.

In her first interview with "People Magazine," Dupre wore, well, what I would assume she already had in her closet — an ultra-sexy, ultra-slinky black slip-dress with ostrich feathers on the left shoulder. It’s low cut and she seems to be pulling her strap down, revealing a lot of skin and certainly giving the suggestion of undressing.

Um, ok, not the Dr. Phil I’m used to.

In the interview she describes herself as a "normal girl” with “a lot of depth and a lot of layers." Well maybe she should have added some layers to her ensemble. Ashley, if you’re truly committed to changing your image, no one is going to take you seriously in something like this.

On the other hand, for her Diane Sawyer exclusive she looks down right homely in a purple dress with sheer sleeves and a black belt. The dress is buttoned so high that Sawyer is actually showing more skin.

She would have been better off borrowing a pants-suit from Hillary Clinton. This purple style was not only frumpy and dumpy but too dressy! It would be perfect for a grandmother on her granddaughter’s wedding day.

I suppose dressing in something conservative is better than the sexy style she wore for "People," but let’s be honest, a nun’s habit wouldn’t really convince many that Dupre is the prudish type.

So, in the future, I suggest Dupre try something that falls somewhere in between. Despite what I’m sure is a lifetime of experience, she is only 23 years old. A nice skirt and blouse or even a pair of jeans and a sweater would work for this young girl who I hope commits to turning both her style and her career around.

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