Ashlee Simpson: Wasted and Wasting Away? | Kelly Osbourne Disses Twilight, Tyrese Talks Megan Fox… and Her Legs!

Ashlee Simpson: Wasted and Wasting Away?

Reports were recently running rampant that Ashlee Simpson was expecting baby number two, but the 24-year-old certainly put that rumor to rest at the Jay-Z and Eminem performance to launch Activision’s "DJ Hero" in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Let’s just say Mrs. Wentz was just a little, well "tipsy" and was seen stumbling from the VIP area into the main theater while clutching a body guard and a friend who were helping her walk. Pretty soon after, Pop Tarts spies spotted hubby Pete Wentz and "Blink 182" front-man Mark Hoppus making a hasty exit -- perhaps the "Fallout Boy" had heard word his wife needed a little lovin.’

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But hey, the younger Simpson sis is certainly allowed to let her hair down -- although some concern has been raised in recent weeks over her fading frame. Despite giving birth six months ago, the upcoming "Melrose Place" starlet shocked party peeps with her boney body and super slim legs poking out between her black short shorts.

"It seems she has lost a lot of weight," an inside source said. "It’s hard work being a mom and being back on-set. She is taking care of herself, she’s happy."

And clearly Wentz and Simpson couldn’t be more committed to their nuptials.

"We actually went on a trip down to Australia recently and that was a recommitment kind of thing," Wentz told Tarts, adding that he hopes their son Bronx "gets his looks from his mother." Awww.

Kelly Osbourne Disses Twilight, Tyrese Talks Megan Fox… and Her Legs!

While the world is going gaga over "Twilight" and Rob Pattinson, Kelly Osbourne would rather certain parts of the book-turned-film series f*** off.

"I think it's really funny, I get it and I think the movie's great and I really like it," Osbourne told Tarts at the "DJ Hero" bash. "But when they go in the sun and they're like ‘look at my skin, it sparkles like diamonds’ you're like, oh f*** off."

And it seems the 23-year-old wild child recently earned a hairy lesson thanks to her passion for peroxide.

"I went to dye my hair blonde from black and it was going really well and then something happened during that last process where they put the toner on and it made all my hair fall out and I was just like, cut it," she added. "(My boyfriend) laughed (at) me and told me he wasn't going out with me if I looked like that! He went and bought me some blue shampoo so that my hair would not be so yellow."

However Miss Osbourne isn’t alone in having lost her locks.

"My cousin was going to beauty school and she permed my hair and half of my hair fell off so i was bald in the middle for a while," "Sopranos" babe Dania Ramirez said. "I was not cute."

We also caught up with "Transformers" star Tyrese Gibson who couldn’t help but talk about his co-star Megan Fox and he passes the time on-set by err, observing her hotness.

"'Transformers' is the first movie I’ve ever worked on when sometimes you have to wait two, three hours for the next shot, you don’t mind because Megan is there. She keeps it real sexy," he said. "Megan keeps it sexy. She’s got the muscles in the legs, she always switches her hair style up, she changes the color of the lipstick, she keeps it sexy. I love Megan Fox."