As Gas Prices Fall, Silence Is Deafening

I don't know if you've noticed, but gas prices are coming down — a lot.

They are down more than 20 percent last month and another 3 percent so far this month.

Gas flirted darn close to four bucks a gallon earlier this summer. And it's now below three bucks on average heading into this fall.

Weird, huh? Makes me think something's up.

But I haven't seen any politician running to a microphone. Not a one calling for an investigation. Not a one demanding hauling the oil CEOs back to Capitol Hill.

No, the silence is deafening.

I guess it's not as good press when it's good news.

It's not as easy to rail about prices going down than prices going up. And it's not as much fun either.

It's hard to call them slimy oil giants now or greedy cabals. It's harder still to explain to your constituents that maybe this is about supply and demand and not screwing and gouging.

Certainly the oil companies need no apologist. But would it kill any mindless, clueless, carping cabal critic to say maybe, maybe, you were wrong.

Maybe the market does set prices and not a bunch of greedy moguls at a table. Maybe it's time for you to admit you were chasing headlines instead of facts.

So maybe — maybe — it's time for you to apologize.

Now that's a press conference I'd pay to see. But knowing Washington, that's a press conference I will never see.

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