Artist Faces Jail Time for Mural

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As one who expresses himself for a living, artist Edward Stross (search) never thought he'd be jailed for his work.

Stross was ticketed for his interpretation of Michelangelo's "Creation of Man" (search), even though he had permission to paint the mural on the side of his studio.

"What I'm doing is within my legal rights," Stross said. "It's not harming nobody."

But officials in the town of Roseville, Mich. (search), disagree.

"It is a nice picture," city manager Steve Truman said. "But it's not appropriate there. It's not appropriate on the street."

According to Truman, Stross violated the agreement he made with Roseville by adding text — the word "love" — to the mural.

"He was given it with certain criteria, certain stipulations that he wasn't willing or unable to live up to," Truman said.

After Stross was found guilty of violating Roseville's sign ordinance, he was ordered by a judge to cloak the bare breast of Eve that appears in the mural.

"There are no dirty bodies," Stross said. "Only dirty minds."

The artist believes those dirty minds have not only misinterpreted his art, but are now seeking to censor him at a building he owns.

"I am not shouting 'fire!' in a crowded theater," Stross said.

While Truman agrees Stross should have freedom of expression, "he has it within his building." But, "once you go outside the building, you've drawn the line," Truman said.

While Stross remains free on appeal, he faces up to 30 days behind bars.

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