Artist Brings Mugger to Justice With Accurate Sketch of Attacker

A retired art teacher brought her mugger to justice after making an accurate sketch of his face for British police.

Jill Smith produced such an incredible image of Lloyd Talbot that a police officer recognized the serial offender.

The drug addict had snatched the 71-year-old's bag as she put her shopping in the back of her car in Gateshead, Great Britain.

But Talbot didn't count on the angry artist committing his face to memory and being able to draw him in detail.

Police were so impressed with the drawing they circulated it to officers and one recognized 31-year-old Talbot.

He was given an 18-week prison sentence suspended for a year at Gateshead Magistrates' Court.

He was also handed a six-month rehabilitation requirement to help him tackle his drug problem, which had landed him in prison for the first time earlier this year.

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