'Arrogant' Environmentalists Love to Preach, But Do They Feel the Pain at the Pump?

"Arrogant" — there's no other word for it.

Arrogant to dismiss high gas prices and say they should be higher. That maybe that'll teach us and maybe get us conserving, or using more fuel efficient cars, or maybe not using cars at all.

Environmentalists who insist it will do us good, even as it's costing us a good penny. Who say they feel our pain when they don't. Who sympathize for our adjustments, but won't adjust themselves.

Usually they live in cities and know little of long commutes or how expensive those commutes can be. They don't drive very much. Don't seem to get out very much. Don't seem to relate to folks who do, day in and day out.

Folks who commute long distances, not because they want to, but because they have to. And because they don't have the luxury of public transportation, or a car that runs on wind, or the hot air of the leftist who lectures them.

No, these folks — average folks, good folks, regular folks — they have to work for a living. Not lecture people on what they should do while they're living.

Easy to say, they can deal. Easy to say, they can adjust.

It's easy to say, "it's easier than you think" when it's not.

I'd like to clean their air and say this to environmentalists who in some perverted fashion seem to relish this pain at the pump: You're a pain in the ass. Save your trite lectures for those who can afford them. Not a nation of hard-working, traveling Americans who cannot.

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