Around the House: Basic Tools for Everyone

The record number of first-time homeowners coupled with America's ever-increasing fascination in home improvement has more homeowners than ever asking themselves a simple, but important question: Just what are the essential tools every home should have on hand?

The Home Depot's Dave White has identified the most commonly used and vital tools to help homeowner’s outfit their toolbox for weekend projects, as well as being prepared for those simple repairs that save money:

• Tool Box
Practical for everyone but needed especially by people who are just starting out.

• MAX Select Power Tools — $119
Tools included: recip. saw, hand planer, chaulk gun and circ. Saw

• MAX Extreme Tape Measure
The blade is wide and is easily readable

• MAX Extreme Utility Bar — $39.97
This is used for prying, splitting, board bending and striking jobs

• Huskey Rotator Ratchet — $29.97
Gas a twist grip handle for zero degree arc swing and gets in hard to reach places

• 69-Piece Black Chrome Tool Set — $69.97
This set features ¼” and 3/8” drive tools and are set in a durable carrying case

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