Arnold's Ex-Gal Pal: Recent or Not?

Arnold's Ex 'Kill Bill' 'Angels' Limps Along

Arnold's Ex-Gal Pal: Recent or Not?

Gigi Jeffers has a few things on her mind about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This would be the same Arnold who the Drudge Report now says is the subject of an unaired ABC News report which would label him a racist.

This is the same Arnold who expressed little regret over his 1977 interview with Peter Manso, published in Oui magazine, detailing orgies and drug use in which he participated.

Yes. It's the same Arnold who wants to be elected governor of California on Oct. 7. Everyone's after him. Everyone wants to take Arnold down. It doesn't matter if he's a liberal or a conservative. It's all about character.

Schwarzenegger must have known this was going to happen when he declared his candidacy on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Premiere magazine already discussed a passel of accusations against him two years ago.

Alas, there's more.

Two years ago, the National Enquirer ran a story about a California woman named Gigi Goyette. They said she was his current mistress, and had been since she was 16 and he was 26.

That means this would have started around 1975. Arnold was not married then. But Goyette was certainly underage.

Goyette, who now goes by the name Jeffers, is now 44 years old. I spoke to her on Friday. She says that since the Enquirer story, Arnold has not spoken to her.

Even worse, she says he fired her from his company and has refused to speak with her ever since. (The company, World Gym, denies this, saying she was not fired, and that Schwarzenegger was not an official there and did not have the authority to fire her).

But Gigi, who lives in Malibu, Calif. and is the mother of a teenager, told me both Arnold and the Enquirer were wrong about everything.

I'm going to tell you what she said. But my sources insist that Gigi and Arnold were involved on a romantic level from 1975 until three years ago.

First, Gigi addresses the Enquirer's story.

"I broke off my affair with Arnold when he married Maria [Shriver]. It never started up again," she insists. "I told him I didn't believe in that."

Instead, she went to work for him. When the article broke in the tabloid, she says they got it wrong that she said it only recently ended.

Not true, she protests.

Gigi is writing a book, of course. She says no one in publishing wants to touch it, but my guess is if it's juicy enough, and gives a lot of good Hollywood dish, Gigi will find a publisher for her memoirs. And why shouldn't she?

As for Arnold, the revelations just keep on coming from the left and the right. The only person who doesn't seem to have anything on him is Warren Buffet. But will any of this thwart the Schwarzenegger campaign? It seems unlikely.

Rob Stutzman, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger, says of Jeffers: "The campaign is not being distracted by tabloid-driven rumors."

When Ben Stiller called out the name "Cruz Bustamante" at the MTV Video Music Awards last week, there was dead silence in Radio City Music Hall. I don't think there would have been much difference if he'd said "Peter Ueberroth" or "Gary Coleman."

Well, maybe "Gary Coleman."

Meanwhile, British celebrity hunter Wendy Leigh is getting a lot of interest in her now out-of-print book about Arnold. Leigh, famous for dragging skeletons out of closets, says she probably won't republish until after the California election.

But the hunt is on nationwide for copies of "Arnold: An Unauthorized Biography." Much will be made of Arnold's friendships with other weightlifters, both dead and alive.

Did 'Kill Bill' Kill Uma's Marriage? 

Now that the five-year marriage of youngish actors and Oscar nominees Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke appears to be over, friends have been pointing fingers and making accusations.

The most frequent rumor — other than the fact that Hawke seems to have acquired a young girlfriend on the Canadian set of his latest film, "Taking Lives" — actually concerns Thurman.

"Uma and Ethan always had a pact that they would never make a movie at the same time," says a friend. The couple has two children and apparently decided early on that the parents would work one at a time.

"But Uma violated that," says the source. "First she made Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill,' which went on forever. Then Ethan was supposed to do 'Taking Lives.' But Uma also took a movie, 'Paycheck,' with Ben Affleck. That meant they'd both be away at the same time."

"Taking Lives" has been shooting in Montreal while "Paycheck"'s schedule was in Vancouver. Both cities are in Canada, but thousands of miles apart — the equivalent of filming in Los Angeles and New York at the same time.

A tabloid item ran out of the set of "Paycheck" earlier in the summer to the effect that Jennifer Lopez, Affleck's fiancée, was running back and forth to Vancouver to see Affleck because she was afraid he was becoming too close to Thurman. Who knows if that was true, but it certainly seems prescient now.

But it was the Tarantino movie, my source insists, that really put the kibosh on the marriage. The martial-arts film had a grueling schedule, shooting in Los Angeles, but also in Mexico and parts of China, for months. The result now is a two-part movie, scheduled for release in October 2003 and February 2004.

Another friend, who remains anonymous, insists that the Uma-Ethan relationship, however, had been in trouble for a long time.

"They were in couples counseling," this source insists, "and Uma told Ethan, 'If you think I'm difficult as a wife, wait 'til you see me as an ex-wife.'"

Thurman, according to this source, may have even retaliated when she heard of Hawke's now-much-publicized affair on the "Taking Lives" set.

From a purely gossip standpoint, I have to say that the celebrities of 2003 have been much more active and interesting in their romantic affairs than stars of other generations.

Between J-Lo and B-Lo, Ashton and Demi, Jude  and Nicole and Sadie, Tom and Penelope, Ethan and Uma, Winona Ryder and (you fill in the blank pop star), Gwyneth and Coldplay's Chris Martin, Salma and Ed Norton, Sharon Stone and the newspaper guy, Leo and Gisele, Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan from "Alias," Gray Davis and California, and the lesser quadrangle of Justin/Britney/Cameron/Jared, this gang has managed to turn Hollywood into a musty issue of Tiger Beat. Gossip columnists haven't had this much fun since Dino, Desi, and Billy were on the prowl!

PS: Attention all poachers: This column is copyrighted 2003, Fox News. This means you.

'Charlie's Angel's' Limps to $100 Million

Over the weekend, "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" finally crossed the $100 million line. It's down to 550 theatres and makes $100,000 a day, so this wasn't easy. The cost of the ads has to be quite an expensive headache, but this way at least Sony/Columbia Pictures can say it was a $100 million movie.

But words and numbers are two stories in Hollywood, and the bottom line on "Full Throttle" should be not just legendary, but ledger-dary.

The promotional expenses were humongous for producer Drew Barrymore and the rest of the cast, who spent and spent on unnecessary perks. When the accounting's done, a resounding "ouch" will be heard out of Culver City on Drew's expenses.

Remember the New York premiere for "Full Throttle," the one where Drew didn't want to speak to reporters because — quoth the publicist — "she wants to spend time with her family"?

Over the weekend, a story ran on the wire that Drew's dad, John Barrymore Jr., was dying — but Drew, who sends him a stipend through her office, refuses to go see him.

That's the word from a half-sibling with whom, apparently, Drew also doesn't have contact. She also still doesn't speak to her mom, Jaid Barrymore, by the way. Her accountant, however, is a different story.