Arizona State University Cuts Cheerleading Squad After Racy Photos Surface on Blog

Arizona State University may have less cheerful sidelines at sporting events next season.

After racy photos of members of the university’s cheerleading squad were spotted on a campus blog called “The Dirty,” the school cut the squad completely, MyFOXPhoenix reported.

The school's athletic director, Lisa Love, made the decision Thursday evening.The pictures on the blog feature 6 of the cheerleaders posing in nothing but their bras and panties.

Although only six members of the squad are shown in the photographs, the entire 16-member squad will suffer the consequences, MyFOXPhoenix reported.

The cheerleaders told MyFOXPhoenix that the photographs were a result of college kids goofing off, and they believe the decision to disband the team has been in the works for a while. The photographs are two years old, and were taken at a “cheer party.”

ASU cheerleader Briana Barcelo told MyFOXPhoenix she believes the Web site is insignificant, and a way to ruin people’s lives.

“It’s just good timing on their part I guess,” Barcelo said of the photos surfacing at the same time the school decided to cut the squad. “And now it’s been all taken away.”

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