Are We Too Decent?

Speaking of popular perceptions that are just wacky: I just heard this morning some guys on a radio talk show, mentioning the treatment of those Al Qaeda prisoners at Camp X-Ray.

One of them said something like, "the world of the eyes are upon us." As if we were abusing these prisoners to no end. You have got be kidding.

I think we've been saints and I think a little perspective is in order here.

Take a look at how we treat our prisoners or detainees or whatever else we call them.

And now take a look at how they treat their prisoners.

Does anyone remember Danny Pearl?

I heard no talk about Danny getting three square meals a day, or Danny being allowed to get some exercise and walk outside, or Danny being allowed to pray whenever he wanted.

No, I only heard about Danny getting brutally butchered.

And what about Navy SEAL Neil Roberts, who was captured by a band of Al Qaeda fighters after falling out of a helicopter?

What do you think they did to him?

I'll tell you what — they dragged him off and killed him. That's what they did.

So let's get real and be real.

Camp X-Ray. Danny Pearl. Neil Roberts. Take a good, long look.

We don't torture our prisoners.

We don't beat our prisoners.

We don't drag off and then kill our prisoners.

So, the next time someone tells you how awful we are, remind them of this: Our prisoners are still very much alive.

Their prisoners are still very much dead.

The sin, my friends, isn't how awful we are, but how decent we've been.

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