If it is true that Yasser Arafat (search) has a cerebral hemorrhage, he is dead.

It doesn't matter if he's still breathing and his heart is still beating. if your skull fills with blood, your brain is squashed under the pressure and you are brain dead.

My dad died of a cerebral hemorrhage. I had the same discussions with doctors that Arafat's people are now having with other doctors.

Arafat was a horrible person. Forget this freedom fighter crapola.

He could not bring himself to choose peace. Ask Bill Clinton (search), who got the Palestinians the best deal they were ever going to see. Arafat turned it down, went back to Ramallah and started sending out suicide bombers.

The party which chose war was obvious.

In the first year of that uprising, the Saudis sent $4 billion to the Palestinian Authority (search). Arafat was also a klepto. He grabbed the money and put it in his accounts. Now the Palestinians and the merry widow are busy trying to figure out how to find the $6 billion Arafat managed to tuck away.

In 1970, American spies heard Arafat on a radio conversation with his terrorists in an African embassy ordering them to kill two American diplomats. He did.

Later Jimmy Carter (search) set all that aside and had him into the Rose Garden. He practically had a White House pass under Clinton.

Arafat sent countless Palestinian kids to die in suicide bombings because suiciders were his artillery — the only way he could shell the Israelis.

George Bush didn't deal with him. Did you notice that?

Now that he's gone, maybe the Palestinians get it. Maybe they can deal with Bush in such a way that he will not be afraid they'll tell him to stuff his peace like they did with Clinton.

Arafat's widow complains the Palestinian leaders were trying "to bury my husband alive."

Yeah. So?

That's My Word.

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