'Apprentice 5' Filming Under Way

Donald Trump (search) just won't quit.

Reports began rolling in Tuesday that filming for "The Apprentice 5 (search)" is under way — as new Trump wannabes started showing up in Times Square (search) and at a discount store in New Jersey over the past few days.

Several young people in bathrobes — trailed by TV cameras, natch — were spotted in Times Square last weekend trying to drum up interest in a new razor.

And in East Brunswick, the new "Apprentice" cast and TV crew took over a Sam's Club discount outlet, according to news reports.

One teenage shopper told the local paper that she spotted the show's contestants right away. "They were beautiful," she said.

Shoppers said the contestants approached them trying to get them to "upgrade" their memberships. Sam's Club, an off-shoot of Wal-Mart, requires shoppers to be members in order to get discounts at their mega-stores.

A Goodyear blimp hovered over the building during two long days of shooting, local residents said.

"I did see that Goodyear blimp outside of my house last night," said one woman. "And it was hovering dangerously low. It scared my kids and some of my neighbors even called 911."

As usual, Trump helped select the cast of the new "Apprentice" starting late last June.

Ratings for his original version of the show have slipped slightly this season, but the new taping indicates NBC will plunge ahead with the Trump series.

It is doubtful, however, the network feels the same way about Martha Stewart's spinoff of "The Apprentice," which has been a ratings disappointment.

This week, Stewart's timeslot was changed — from 8 p.m. to 9 — pitting her show directly against the runaway hit "Lost," on Wednesday nights.

That kind of switch is a vote of no confidence in a new series and is usually the kiss of death.