Authorities carried out a manhunt across the Pacific Northwest on Friday for a convicted rapist who allegedly stabbed his 12-year-old daughter, tied her up and left her for dead on the side of a mountain road.

The father, 37-year-old John Rollins Tuggle (search), is the only suspect in the case, Sheriff Chuck Reynalds said. Tuggle was released from an Idaho prison last year after serving nine years for raping his 14-year-old sister-in-law.

"We have the whole world looking for him," Reynalds said.

The girl was stabbed with a pocket knife five times in the upper body and was in serious condition in nearby Spokane, Wash., Reynalds said. The girl was talking to investigators and was expected to survive the attack, officials said.

A $10 million warrant was issued for Tuggle, an outdoorsman who authorities believe may be hiding in the northern Idaho (search) wilderness.

"We know he's very confident in the outdoors," Reynalds said. "He's very capable and I think, very dangerous."

Tuggle left his Colorado home earlier this month and drove to Idaho to see his children — apparently for the first time since he went away after the rape conviction.

Tuggle told his ex-wife he was taking their daughter on an outing to the shopping mall, and he later called to say they were having "a good time," Reynalds said. The sheriff said the girl likely was stabbed a couple hours later and spent four to five hours bleeding before she was found by people who heard her yell as they were searching for a campsite.

Tuggle was believed to be driving a red 1989 Ford Escort with Colorado license plates and "is known to carry large knives," the sheriff's office said on a wanted poster.

Tuggle is described as 6-foot and 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes and numerous tattoos.

Tuggle and the girl's mother were married on Jan. 13, 1993, in Coeur d'Alene (search), five days before their daughter was born. In December 1993, they had their second child, a boy, according to court records. They were divorced while Tuggle was in prison.

Tuggle was released from prison in January 2004 and moved to Colorado, where he lived with a brother and worked as a painter, Reynalds said.