I was away for a few days and the war on Christmas exploded.

Bill O'Reilly's been leading the charge and uncovering tons of places where someone is trying to change the name of the tree or change the name of the season.

You'd think saying the word Christmas would kill some people.

On my own network, ultra lefty liberal Neal Gabler called me a demagogue for even bringing the subject up. If Neal were in charge I'd be sent off to a Khmer rouge re-education camp to make sure that there is no war on Christmas was beat into my head.

But par for the course, Neal is almost always wrong. And his co-panelists on Eric Burns' show "FOX News Watch" are so fatigued from trying to counter his out in deep orbit diatribes that they hardly put up a fight anymore.

Neal is not the only one.

Another guy on television somewhere called me the worst person in the world.

I tried to imagine how that could be possible, like maybe the guy is seeing my hair on the real worst people. You never know. Maybe this explains why he could say such a thing.

Look, denial is the name of the game with the anti-Christmas warriors. They deny they are changing the name of the Christmas tree. "Everybody knows this country has been calling the thing a holiday tree or a giving tree. Where did we ever get the silly idea it was a Christmas tree?"

The same thing with the war. They are denying it is happening. Accusing me of making up a phony war. But none will say the incidents in my book didn't happen. Instead they say it's just a few people who've gone over the top, not really a countrywide movement.

Well, I think not. I hear it all the time from my e-mailers and from callers to the radio shows I do and from people who walk up to me on the street.

It's like the secret bombing of Cambodia. It was a secret from everybody except the people getting bombed. Same deal here. People trying to keep Christmas in schools and parks and libraries and city halls know about the war on Christmas.

The people waging this war are trying to keep it secret. But it's too late. They have been outed.

That's My Word.

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