Another Day, Another Dictator

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OK, where do we start?

Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) starts with Iran where he warns, that despite the feel good salve of the "deal" with France, Germany and Britain, the Mullahs are working toward delivery systems for nuclear weapons. Of course, they deny this. They denied everything in the past too. Ditto for Lybia until they became concerned they were next on the hit parade... so to speak. Let's hope this deal is a good one and sticks but keep in mind the "trust but verify" adage.

Next we head to our friend — the former eye doctor — President Assad of Syria (search). Of course he doesn't shelter terrorists or their organizations (except their political wings). He certainly wouldn't dream of letting anyone will ill intent traipse across the border into Iraq to battle the coalition forces. Still, there's something to that "the lady doth protest too much" saying.

And finally, let's not overlook our favorite friends in the United Nations. Kofi Annan assures us that the U.N. will fully cooperate with investigations into the Oil-for-Food (search) program. After all, none of us want anything administered by the U.N. to be corrupt! Still, he's a stickler for procedure and he just doesn't think it's right to turn over sensitive documents to the congressional committees investigating what went wrong. But Washington, don't forget to send this month's check!

Yes, I am being a bit tongue-in-cheek about these very important issues, but after hearing all of this denial for so long I get a bit weary of it. I can't imagine how the secretary of state feels. He needs a rest!

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Have a wonderful, safe day.

E.D. Hill

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