'Anger Management,' 'Confidence,' and '24'

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"Anger Management" (search) doesn't manage to be funny, Burns bores and "24" (search) hours of excitement in today's Foxlight.

Adam Sandler (search) is acting angry -- or did he just read the reviews for this movie? Jack Nicholson must need money. That's the only explanation for "Anger Management." It's made about $135 million so it's anything but a flop, but really, when we know how funny these two guys can be -- what happened?

The plot surrounds Sandler being wrongly sentenced to anger management classes and Nicholson being the aggressive treatment guru. If it manages to make you laugh, call me.

The other big release this week is a smaller Ed Burns/Rachel Weisz confidence game called "Confidence." They were up all night naming that one, huh? Dustin Hoffman is the best thing about this movie, playing a sexually ambivalent mob boss who finances Burns' little scheme. Of course, everything goes wrong. Of course no one can trust anyone. Of course there are more twists than Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant's alibis. One Internet reviewer called it a bloody bore. Although at home you can replay the stripper scenes in Hoffman's club. I'm sure he does.

Do yourself a favor, rent the second season of "24" and drink a couple of pots of coffee. Stay up for 24 hours straight. It'll be like college without the finals.