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ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS/HUMANITARIAN: There is ignorance because there may be a lack of education. You know, there is a lack of dialogue. So she — the nice thing about Mariane is she's not somebody who stops at this was because of ignorance. She emerged (ph) further to say and how do we combat that? We combat that by not being hateful, by not being fearful, by not being quiet, but by finding ways to have dialogue with each other.


HANNITY: That was Hollywood humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, talking about the importance of engaging in an open dialogue. However, one organization she refuses to speak to is the FOX News Channel.

Now, the screen siren tried to ban FOX News from appearing at the premiere of her movie and demanded that reporters from other news agencies refrain from asking questions about her much-publicized personal life.

It seems the star of "A Mighty Heart" might just be a mighty hypocrite.

Joining us now, celebrity journalist Pat Lalama, and New York Newsday columnist and FOX News contributor Ellis Henican.

Pat, this is supposed to be about a free speech movie and about freedom of the press. Then she tries to ban FOX News. What do you make of that?

PAT LALAMA, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: Hey, and I was the one who defended her when people called her a home-wrecking trollop, too. So I'm really mad.


LALAMA: But here's the thing. I always thought Angelina Jolie was very careful about her roles and believed in her roles. And here she plays the wife of a person who died for the First Amendment cause. And yet, she's closing the doors and setting up barriers.

No. 2, she doesn't want people to ask about her life? Excuse me. She's starting to believe her own press.

And the fact of the matter is I thought this was a tough chic. She can't say to a reporter, respectfully, "I don't want to answer that. Let's move on to the next question"?


LALAMA: I am truly disappointed. And it just goes to show she's uninformed and uneducated.

HANNITY: Ellis, if any — anybody agreed to this contract, you know, that they would agree not to ask, you know, certain questions, what does that mean for journalists?

ELLIS HENICAN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Terrible. It's shocking. There are many papers and magazines, especially in the entertainment side of our business, who agree to this stuff every day. They make these deals. We'll put you on the cover. You don't ask about this.

LALAMA: Right.

HENICAN: It's dreadful. We wouldn't agree. Newsday wouldn't agree. FOX wouldn't agree. And in fact, if we do agree, we have only ourselves to blame.

HANNITY: What do you make of the fact — do you think she's a hypocrite? I mean, you know what it is? I've got tell you something. This shows she is — she's a very attractive woman with just a society obsessed with celebrity, obsessed with, you know, beauty. What is it?

HENICAN: She's a great actor.

HANNITY: She's not that great.

HENICAN: She's a pretty good actor. You should — you should go look at some of her work. All of these...

HANNITY: I did. I watched her and Brad Pitt nearly kill each other.

HENICAN: All of these people are in the business of manipulating...

HANNITY: In the movie.

HENICAN: I know, I know. Are in the business of manipulating their public image and presenting themselves as they want. That's the business they're in. And frankly, it's too late to be offended by that part.

HANNITY: I don't — I don't have a problem with that. But you know something? I do have a problem, Pat, when she tries to say the FOX News Channel can't be there.

LALAMA: In fact — I'm sorry, but Sean, in fact, FOX gave her movie a fabulous thumbs up.

HANNITY: A great review. I know.

LALAMA: And (UNINTELLIGIBLE) go to it, and...

COLMES: By the way, along with the — along with the FOX News Channel, she announced she's the Democratic nominee for president. She may win. But, you know...

LALAMA: But Alan — Alan, here's the problem. Welcome to my world. I live in a society out here and have to cover it where people and celebrities, some of them, embrace Hugo Chavez, talk about...

COLMES: Well, one or two. That's a gross exaggeration.

LALAMA: Then we have people saying that we caused 9/11 or allowed it to happen. This is the world. And reporters, as your other guests, do not know about ethics. They want to make deals and get what they get. They don't care about the rules.

COLMES: By the way, USMagazine.com is reporting that she has reversed her position and at least in one case, where she's doing an interview with the A.P. And they're not signing a contract.

HANNITY: Good, good.

COLMES: So maybe she's backing off.

HENICAN: That's exactly the right strategy for the media. Don't make these deals. These people need us more than we need them.

COLMES: Right, exactly.

HENICAN: And you know what? If you don't cave, they'll come around on their knees, I promise you.

COLMES: That's right.

LALAMA: Sean — Sean...


LALAMA: The reporters out here, many of the entertainment reporters, have never seen a journalism school. They don't know about it. It's all about the looks, the beauty, the front page, getting the deal. It's not about ethics.

COLMES: By the way, Pat, the agreement says, "The interview can only be used to promote the picture and no way can any portion be used in connection with any other story.

It cannot be used in a manner that's disparaging, demeaning or derogatory to Ms. Jolie. If so, the tape will not be released to the interviewer, and such a violation could cause her irreparable harm, and they could — for her to sue the interviewer.”

Get this, get this. Seek a restraining order against the interviewer. That's what the agreement says. Who is she, Pinochet?

LALAMA: No, she's Barbra Streisand. That's who she is.

HENICAN: Listen, seriously, the one thing we need to be aware of is let's just don't do this stuff. Let's stop doing it, and believe me, they will come around. We're the ones with the power, if we only have the confidence to exercise it.

COLMES: Right. Don't put her on the cover of your magazine.

HENICAN: You know what? Let the movie fail. I've got no problem with that.

HANNITY: You have no problem at all?


HANNITY: So FOX, don't use her.

HENICAN: You know what, so FOX don't use it. Don't put her on the air. In fact, probably you shouldn't use b-roll in the next segment.

COLMES: It's funny. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) never filled in for me.

HENICAN: In that backless dress that she was wearing. I noticed you were noticing that, Sean.

HANNITY: I was looking at you, Ellis, to be perfectly blunt.

HENICAN: You were looking into that camera there very closely.

HANNITY: Stop projecting, OK? All right. Now, thanks for being with us.

COLMES: Good to see you.

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