An Unexpected Beach Hazard for Your Kids

Inflatable bounce houses or castles are usually a fun and relatively safe toy for children to play in. However, you might want to be careful on a windy day. Two children playing in an inflatable bounce house were blown into the ocean off Ma’ili in Hawaii. The kids, one 2-years-old and the other 5-years-old, were rescued by a bystander.

Think there are a lot of people with the last name Smith or Jones in the United States? Well, what if you lived in China where 93 million people share the family name Wang? In a survey conducted in a country with 1.3 billion people, it found that 85 percent share only 100 surnames. Newly married couples are now combining the last name of the husband and wife to make a new, unique family name.

Ever tried selling ice to an Eskimo? How about sand to a Saudi? Well, that’s exactly what an Australian company is doing. The Australian business is sending a special type of sand that is stronger and heavier than the sand in Saudi Arabia. It will be used to sandblast buildings.

In dumb criminal news: Why would someone ever call a random phone number to try and sell drugs? A 14-year-old Florida boy is in serious trouble after he made a random phone call to sell drugs and the voice at the other end was Gulfport Police detective Matt Parks. Parks told the boy he would meet him at a school nearby where on-duty officers were waiting. Police arrested the boy and the man driving him.

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