An Election Can Cure This Insanity

Thursday night, just a few blocks from our New York studio, President Obama showed up at the tony St. Regis Hotel on Fifth Avenue to lift a load of dough in campaign cash from the very villains he recently called the "fat cats" of Wall Street.

Of course then he was all about standing up for "the little guy." I assure you the only "little guys" at President Obama's event in New York were the people serving the swanky French food to the tables of the swells who shelled out $50,000 per couple to shake the same hand that slapped their faces for making too much money just days ago.

True reform in Washington isn't happening and won't happen with this administration, because you have no credibility to shake up the same people that you're shaking down to win your elections.

Like an abused spouse who keeps going back for more smacks to the face, it's just as disgusting that the people the president calls "fat cats" will line up in their 5th Avenue finest to be photographed with Obama, hopefully not showing any of the facial bruises they have received from him or from his pal Nancy Pelosi, who also graced the nice people of New York with her pleasant presence.

If you wonder whether the administration and the Democrats in Congress are really there for you, just remember that they'd be there a lot more for you if you ponied up $50,000 for a peep at the president and Speaker Pelosi.

I'm not sure what's more hypocritical: Claiming to be fighting the fat cats while taking their money or being a fat cat and purring softly and licking the very hand that strikes you.

This insanity can be cured: It's called an election. There's one in November and you can send a message that can be heard in the finest cocktail party.

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