Amy Winehouse Booed During Performance

Amy Winehouse was greeted with boos and unwelcoming sneers on Saturday night at the first of two performances for the Virgin Mobile V Festival in England, according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

Looking disheveled with makeup smeared around her eyes and arriving 20 minutes late, the crowd broke out into shouts of disapproval.

Matters only got worse when her performance proved less than acceptable. Winehouse was coughing and stumbling through the words of "Back to Black" and mumbling to herself between songs, the Daily Mail reported.

But the 24-year-old seemed to manage to do a transformation overnight.

With her makeup done and with flowers in her hair, Amy looked much better on Sunday than she did the night before, the Mail wrote. Her performance was much livelier and this time, she remembered the lyrics to "Back to Black."

"You're a really nuts crowd. I'm not on drugs, honest. So boo you guys for yesterday," she said.

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