Amy Adams Was Tricked Into a Lesbian Kiss! For Shame!

Amy Adams never thought she would be the posing topless type.

“I was homely [as a teenager]," she tells the August issue of Allure. "Painfully small, short, with too much blue eye shadow because I thought, it matches my eyes, so why not? Trying desperately to fit in.

Fast forward to 2009 when Amy, 34, is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, with two Oscar nominations in the bag, and posing sans shirt in a fashion magazine.

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Her fiance Darren Le Gallo is one lucky guy, and apaprently he knows it, because he's being very patient waiting for Adams to make time in her busy schedule to get that knot tied.

“I think he was patient for the first nine months, but now that we have been engaged for a year, he’s sort of, you know ‘This is going to happen, right?’" Adams says. "He understands I’m busy, but he’s ready. He’s much more ready for kids and stuff than I am.”

One thing Adams was not ready for? Getting kissed by a girl. Apparently the actress had to be tricked into a lesbian kiss on the set of Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep.

“I’m not the first or last who’s been bamboozled by a surprise lesbian kiss in a movie, I’m sure,” she says.


The August issue of Allure hits newsstands nationally on July 21.

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