America's Fascination With Scott Peterson

You might wonder from time to time why we in the media pay so much attention to the Scott Peterson (search) trial.

Here's a possible answer... one of the results of our Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll shows that women have decided Peterson is guilty already, by a much wider margin than men.

Women want to know if Peterson really did cut off his wife's head in the kitchen and then clean up the floor with bleach, and women want to know why he would do that?

It's a survival question for most women — is my husband about to call me into the kitchen and cut my head off, even if I am carrying his baby?

Women want to know... if he was so unhappy, if he was dying to go home every night to that Amber Frey (search) girl, why didn't he just call a lawyer and file for a divorce?

After all, in California the person being divorced cannot contest the divorce. If one person wants it, then the only thing left to discuss is money, a few shekels nobody will ever remember or think much about.

In fact, preventing murders of spouses is at least part of the reason there is a simple and easy no fault divorce (search) in California.

Instead of being stuck in horrible marriages from which there is no escape except the death of the despised spouse, California says, "Hey, if you're unhappy, just file a divorce. No problem. You can have it."

So why do we sit in rapt attention and watch the Peterson trial? Because women want to know... how do any of us tell if our husbands are quietly going so crazy that we're the next Laci?

That's My Word.

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