American Optimism Flies in Face of Doom and Gloomers

First off, right away, I want you to know that I am "not" saying, "Let them eat cake!"

I am saying, "Let them eat hamburgers!"

That's because despite all the doom and gloom reports that these higher gas prices would crimp everyday Americans' everyday habits, here's an everyday truth: we like to eat. A lot.

Take McDonald's. Supposedly the doom-and-gloomers' poster boy for high hits amid high gas prices, was apparently not hit at all. It just reported boffo second quarter earnings.

Burgers are still selling, because we're still eating.

We're still flying too: JetBlue's CEO was here this week to tell me his planes are packed. And Wal-Mart parking lots are apparently still full.

Yet pessimists still persist: It's a matter of time — we can't keep doing this. Perhaps they're right. Broken clocks usually are. But you can't deny that everyday Americans are denying the experts their cloud in the sun.

I just find it ironic that those who've never been to the Golden Arches are the ones in a pickle now. Precisely because they never appreciated just how many pickles we're all still chomping down now.

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