It’s unfortunately we had to see a talented, likeable singer leave us on "American Idol" this week, but at least the early exit of Alexis Grace will finally put those annoying rumors of a fixed final four to rest.

It seemed like every "Idol" columnist out there was crying scandal Tuesday over claims that an "American Idol "producer said the show’s final four had already been picked.

Of course, considering the anonymous source listed the alleged Top 4 to be Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert, and, yes, Alexis Grace, I’m guessing the gossip chain probably feels about as silly as Carrie Underwood should for having gone on national television with that hideous bow and pin-up bob hairdo.

I seriously thought it was going to come off her head in one piece like a Mrs. Potato Head doll.

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Though there was nothing embarrassing about the ex-Idol’s duet with Randy Travis. Their performance of "I Told You So" was not only touching but, like Kelly Clarkson’s performance last week, a sound reminder that the judges are harsh for a reason: this is the kind of greatness these hopefuls need to live up to ... minus the Minnie Mouse hair.

It made me a little sad for Alexis, since it seemed like she had more potential to achieve that kind of greatness than at least half of the contestants now leaving her behind.

But as the judges told her today, she’s got a great career ahead of her anyway, and after seeing what the Bucky Covingtons and Phil Staceys of the world have achieved, it’s fair to say that’s no rumor.