I've always wanted to be in the mob and now I am. It's fantastic: the drugs, the women, the town hall health care protests.

Here's The One Thing: This isn't a GOP mob or "manufactured anger." America — Democrat, Republican and independent — senses in her gut something isn't right.

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According to the latest polls:

65 percent say President Obama is taking on too many issues

His approval rating is at 50 percent (worse than Bush was after six months)

He's fallen 7 points with independents (45 approve, 45 disapprove)

52 percent now oppose how he's handling health care — only 39 percent approve

More than 3 out of 4 think Obama's plan will add to the deficit

Why the decline? Because Americans know something isn't right. Since when are we rushed like this? Since when are politicians the ones who guide our ethics and morals?

We had the AARP on the other day. They said, oh no, we don't see anything hurtful to seniors in there — it looks great.

Hey Glenn! I just found out I'm related to a Nigerian prince! He's going to wire me $10 million. All I have to do is give him $10,000 and my bank account number!

Wait! That's a scam! Stop!

No, you stop! It doesn't say anywhere in the e-mail that it's a scam. Plus, he made a pinky promise.

How many times have politicians promised us the moon and given us Detroit? No offense, Detroit, but you keep voting the same people in and your median home price is $7,500.

In 1965, the politicians said Medicare — something progressives see as a stepping stone to universal health care — would cost $9 billion by 1990. The actual cost: $66 billion — whoops, only off by $57 billion.

Obama's current plan is about $1.6 trillion. If it goes as well as the other government medical programs we've tried — or say, "cash for clunkers" — it will only cost us $13 trillion. Unless the government makes up the gap with higher taxes on coffins, we can't afford universal health care.

I want to ask you a very important question: That $13 trillion number is an actual number based on the errors of the past; would an $8-13 trillion error cause an emergency in this country? You decide, but hold your answer for a second.

Here's why I ask: When we're short money, the government has to decide who gets what. Who in government will be influencing and making those life and death decisions? The organizers, the advisers and the "czars."

AARP members, you must demand that the organization that claims to be looking out for you answers these questions. Who makes the life and death decisions?

Well, one of the people currently advising President Obama on health care policy has come up with his own "cost saving" health care methods. His name is Dr. Ezekial Emanuel, he's the brother of Rahm Emanuel and he wrote in January of this year:

"When implemented, the Complete Lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated... The Complete Lives system justifies preference to younger people because of priority to the worst-off rather than instrumental value."

But even more disturbing is this chart (above) that Ezekiel added into that article.

Another "czar" the media has ignored is Cass Sunstein, who wrote in the Columbia Law Review in January 2004:

"I urge that the government should indeed focus on life-years rather than lives. A program that saves young people produces more welfare than one that saves old people."

I want to make it very clear: What these people are talking about is how to ration in case of an emergency shortage — shortage of kidneys, hospital beds or flu vaccine.

What we all need to remember is that universal health care creates another shortage: a shortage of money. And when we are out of money, these are the people making the rules governing your health care.

I don't know if Obama believes any of this crazy stuff, but I also don't know why if he didn't he would appoint at least three people that do.

Never in my life would I appoint people who believe things like this. Why has no one in the media told you who these people are? And why hasn't AARP brought them to your attention?

Maybe that manufactured anger isn't manufactured. It's just Americans across the political spectrum sensing in their gut that they're moving to fast.

Why? Because something's not right.

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