America Has an Image Problem? Says Who?

So there's a new government report out called "The Decline in Americas Reputation: Why?" and, like a navel-gazing Lifetime movie, it's melodramatic piffle.

One highlight is a 45 percent drop in favorable opinion toward the U.S. in Indonesia, which sucks because I so wanted to visit and experience a waterborne disease!

But my point is not to rag on Indonesia, since I love their macadamia nuts, but to point out one fact: Everyone hates us, but that doesn't stop them from risking their lives to come here.

I have to wonder why I do not see people clamoring to get into any other country but ours. And the only reason is that we're a free country. And we are free because we fight to preserve our freedom.

I've said this before: The world is not a high school where popularity matters more than strength. Our enemies should fear us, especially if they already hate us. The desire to be liked reflects cowardice and, if you were old enough to remember Jimmy Carter, then you also remember the mocking militants in Iran, treating the U.S. like a 4 million square mile doormat — only because they knew Carter wanted to be liked, instead of feared.

So as the election looms, I suggest you vote not for a candidate based on boosting your own popularity. Instead, put yourself in our enemy's shoes and ask — as that enemy — who would you least want to deal with? And vote for that guy. Twice.

And if you disagree with me, then you probably lost your virginity to a vacuum.

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