Amber Frey a 'Bottom Feeder'?

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Dear Viewers,

As for the show Thursday night, I wish I had Ted Willaims' email address....if I did, I would be tempted to give it to you. Why? Because HE made the "bottom feeder" comment about Amber Frey — I did not....and, of course, the emails are pouring in about the insulting remark. I think he should be the one to answer all the emails about his remark....I like Ted, but I don't agree with him on this. Frankly I know very little about Amber except that she helped the police investigate this murder and helped the DA prosecute it. I should note, in all fairness to Ted, that many people wrote agreeing with his remark. I guess this is just as good a reason as any to watch all her interviews once her book comes out. We will all get a better idea of who she is.

As for the show, it was bittersweet for those of us who have been on it since day #1 because we said goodbye tonight to our line producer Cara Haladey. Cara and her new husband are moving to California from NYC. They want an adventure and I am excited for them — but will miss Cara "in my ear." Cara is one of those great line producers who is always calm - no matter what the technical nightmare or the breaking news. We will all miss her — but, I also think it a good idea to pursue dreams and that is what they are doing.

A programming note...if you are home New Year's Eve, you must watch FNC. My two good friends have a great show planned — here is some info about it from a press release: FNC will present its first New Years Eve special in five years next week. "All-American New Year - 2005" will air from 11pm on December 31st to 1am on January 1st. Alisyn Camerota and Steve Doocy will host the show from Times Square, where the ball is being dropped for the one hundredth time. Entertainer Lee Greenwood will serve as a special correspondent in Nashville, where two country singers will perform on the show.

Since we are closing up the year...I figure we should offer more of our free show bumper stickers.....if you want one, e mail us and I will send you one (or two.) Be sure to include your name, and address in the e mail (yes, I have gotten requests for show bumper stickers without addresses.....)

Finally some e mails from viewers .....(yes, randomly selected...)

(Two days ago I ended the blog with a description of my morning which included noting some unsavory behavior by at least one of my dogs. I received the following e mail in response...apparently I am not the only one with a dog with "bad manners.")

E-mail No. 1

I'm having a hard time keeping my beagle out from under the tree. They seem to like tree water better than what's in their bowl.
Shaunna Little

E-mail No. 2

Loved your story on the blog yesterday about your day starting out at home. Yes, we all can identify with your morning. It reminded me of the time when we were hurrying around getting ready for work and the kids ready for grade school. My daughter's hamster got loose and he wouldn't come out from behind a cabinet. My husband got his Craftsman shop vac out and "sucked" him out. When Gary retrieved the little rat from the shop vac, Squeaky's eyes were going back and forth and he was quite dizzy. Yes, he lived through the ordeal only to do it all over again another day.
When I got home from shopping last night, I tuned in and got to see the last five minutes of your show. I loved your orange jacket. It really looked nice on you.
Merry Christmas to you and your entire family....two legged and four.

E-mail No. 3

Greta, You offend me and other Christians by your use of the word xmas. IF YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE GREETINGS THIS TIME OF THE YEAR, PLEASE KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
Ray Miller

ANSWER: I am most curious what you think of Ray's remark me...and let me know..

E-mail No. 4

I have a suggestion. Since there is so many different descriptions of San Quentin by previous inmates and they all have different things to say about the prison, why don't you interview Scott after he has been there about 60 days. Therefore, we will hear from a person who is there now, and not someone who was there. Greta, you would be the best person to do the interview - go for it.
Diane Garrett

ANSWER: I would LOVE to interview Peterson but his lawyer will never let him do an interview with me. Plus, I think once he goes into the California prison system, he is forbidden from doing interviews (he could still do now in the jail pending sentencing.)

E-mail No. 5

Why do you seem to draw pleasure in knowing that a wrongfully convicted man is going to death row. It is like you take some kind of personal satisfaction knowing Scott is going to San Quentin. I think the media throughout this trial has been disgusting. How does everyone in the media sleep at night knowing they convicted Scott Peterson before his trial even began.
The fact that everyone treats Amber Frey as a god is a load of crap.
"Amber became Laci's voice, seeking justice for women everywhere who had ever been victimized by violence." (A description of Amber's new book on
First she's Laci's husbands mistress, now she's Laci's voice... give me a break. If she cared so much about Laci why did she seem to have no regard during her phone calls for Laci. In some of them she was even asking Scott how they could still have a future after all the lies... She was extremely selfish during some of the phone calls and acted as though she didn't give a d**n about Laci being gone. She was more concerned that she was lied to. But now... she apparently is the voice of Laci.
I hope Sharon Rocha will make a statement requesting people not to buy this book. I think it is sick that she is trying to make money off of this tragedy and if she cared so much about Laci and Conner, why doesn't she donate most of the proceeds to a charity of the Rocha families choice.
One last question is why won't you dig deeper when talking to the jury. They give the most un-in-depth answers. How many times do I have to hear them state... "well all the puzzle pieces fit together". BE MORE SPECIFIC and don't state it is because he had an affair or he was lying to his mistress. If that was grounds for the death penalty then most of the worlds population would be facing death at the moment.
Absolutely disgusted by your show now days,

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta, love your show. Watch almost everynight. Love your panel especially Jeff. I am from Topeka, Kansas and have been following the baby snatcher case very closely. We are hearing alot more here as Melvern is only 20 minutes or so from Topeka. It was reported that Lisa told her husband that she would be shopping in Topeka the afternoon that she took the baby. She then called him from a Long John Silvers parking lot in Topeka and told him that she had gone into labor and delivered the baby. She wanted him to come and pick her up. She said that she had gone to a birthing center to have the baby, but called him from the parking lot. Evidently, her husband and her daughters drove to the parking lot and picked her up. The girls drove her car home.
Get real, her husband thought she was pregnant and she wasn't, and he picked her up after her phone call that she had had the baby and was waiting for him in a parking lot. Either he is so dumb that he shouldn't even be out in public, or he was in collusion with her. My guess is that he wanted the baby too and was in on the plot. At any rate, I wonder if they went through the drive through and picked up fish and fries before they went home. Unbelieveable, truly.
Thanks, Mary Ann, Topeka, Kansas

E-mail No. 7

Hello Greta,
After watching your segment on the outlook on scott petersons life in prison. THESE PEOPE ARE CONVICTED FELONS!!!! If they wanted to spend quality time with their families then they should have not have committed the crime. Prisons are not met to be Club Med.
GW Kenney
East Hartford CT

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