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Dear Viewers,

Monday night we had Amber Frey (search) and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, on for the full hour. I hope you watched, but if you didn't, you will have a chance to catch another segment with her tonight. You can also click on the link in the video box above to watch a clip from last night's interview.

After the show ended last night, I asked Amber if she would agree to tape a segment on the media. She agreed and I gave her the time to give her opinion of us. We hope to show you this "extra" segment tonight. You won't want to miss that! It is interesting to get her view of what we did and how. She has very strong words about the media. In short, it is not easy to be in the public eye.

I grabbed some e-mails from viewers and they are below. While you read this, I am probably en route to the airport, or in the air headed back to D.C.

E-mail No. 1

Kudos to Amber Frey. You go girl.

E-mail No. 2

What an outstanding interview you conducted with Amber and Gloria. I watched Matt's interview last week and Dan Abrams' earlier this evening. Your interview was by far superior.
Now about Amber. I think she made an incredible witness for the prosecution. She comes across as an honest and down-to-earth human being. Some may criticize her timing with this book, but she has kept her story under wraps for two years while some members of the media tried to portray her as a slut who slept around and posed for nude photos. The world has been waiting for her side of the story.
Because of Amber, a manipulative lying, murderous sleaze has finally received his just dessert. My hat is off to this single woman who had the courage and the fortitude to come forward to report her intimate times with Scott. She probably never realized at that first press conference that her life would never be the same from that point on. Her life has been an open book for nearly two years. Now it is time for her to tell the whole story. And so what if she happens to make a profit. Look at all of the legal personalities that have come into prominence because of this case. For two years, we have seen repeated lawyers on the talk shows give their spin on this case. I do not think they were doing this for free. Do I care? No, I liked listening to the opinions from the professionals in your field.
When I first heard about Laci's disappearance two years ago, and that her husband had gone fishing on a cold day on Christmas Eve, 90 miles away, I said to a friend at work, (1) wait until her body washes ashore near where he went fishing and (2) wait until a girlfriend surfaces. It certainly did not take long. My heart goes out to Laci's family, to Scott's family, and to Amber and her family. Their lives will never be the same because of the evil that lurked behind the facade of the handsome Scott Petersen.
Sandra Griffin
Amsterdam, NY

E-mail No. 3

I'm a loyal viewer and fan. I've been disappointed though that you haven't explored Scott Peterson's sociopathy. I count on you to ask the tough questions, and look for the headline material. Peterson is a sociopath. Journalists, including yourself, seem to treat him as a normal person who just made some bad, self-absorbed decisions. I was hoping that you might catch this particular angle and run with it. I just finished watching your interview with Amber Frey and it was a bit frustrating although I admire her, as many do. But I want to know if she understood that he was thus afflicted and if she felt to be in danger on that point alone. Also, if she knew he was a sociopath, does she have any first-hand opinions on whether or not such a person can be detected through interaction and observation before they cause harm. Asking Amber questions like, "What would you say to him now?" seems a little silly. What's the point of asking meaningful, profound questions to someone who has no societal reference for right and wrong and is only going to fabricate some falsehood? What can we learn from Amber's experience about identifying such people? To me, that's the big question to ask, now that the trial is over. Perhaps it sounds like I'm fixated on this topic, but I'm obviously frustrated. I would have liked to see you explore this when the stronger opportunities presented themselves. I think it would build on your established image as being uniquely insightful. Maybe you can still explore this issue. Since I only watch Fox News, I don't know if anyone else has.
Sincerest Admiring Regards,
Kurt Hirschfield
Guerneville, CA

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I will not be buying Amber's book -- but accolades to her for what she did.
My question is in Amber's multiple interviews since her book has been released -- no one has asked her about the father of her second child (the Chiropractor) and what the status of that relationship.
Is this by design by Gloria Allred?

E-mail No. 5

Though I have a full life here in Montana I was captivated by the Peterson case and taped and/or watched all of the coverage via Court TV, FOX, CNN ... of all the interviews with Amber Frey, I feel, by far, the best was the one with Greta tonight. "BRAVO and good job, Greta." Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed the panel of attorneys she had on during the case -- perfect mix and fun, bright people to listen to over the months. Off cuff, I have always been skeptical of Gloria Allred over the years until this case ... after listening to her off and on throughout the trial I realized she's different (smile) but smart and someone I wouldn't mind representing me at all if I ever needed help ... please share this with her if possible (for I wouldn't know how to do so) ... I, along with a lot of people in other states along with Montana, have only gotten an incomplete, sound-bite type version of her over the years that hasn't come off too well until now. In my mind's eye, she did an A-1 job regarding Amber Frey. Bravo again to Greta -- thank you for your excellent interview tonight and coverage of the Peterson case overall.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
I think that Gloria has prostituted Amber. She stands to make big money from the book, movie deal and anything else that should come up. I think she's disgraceful and I sure wish you people would stop putting her on your shows. She never tells anything anyway. After watching your show tonight I've decided to move on and watch something else during the 10 p.m. time slot.
A former watcher.

E-mail No. 7

Greta, Greta ... why does Amber and Gloria dodge the question about writing the book?
I totally agree she should have testified and cooperated with the police, but it should have stopped there.
To be compensated is just a little too much. She only had four dates with him.
The more they dodge the hard questions, the more it appears they both are just out to make as much money as they can regarding this case. And plainly speaking, it just is not right!
Atlanta, GA

E-mail No. 8

Why did you have such a mean spirited attitude when you were interviewing Amber? If I were Amber and Gloria, I would have walked right out.
I have watched at least 4 interviews on other shows and they spoke to her with respect. You, on the other hand, acted like you were a prosecuting attorney trying to trip her up or something, not quite sure what you were doing. All I know is you were disgusting.
I've been a long time fan of yours and never have seen you act this way. I hope you taped the show and view it to see how you came across.
You may have lost a lot of viewers over this one.
Ginger Mallory
Myrtle Creek, OR

ANSWER: Mean spirited? Gloria and Amber BOTH told me after the show that they appreciated our interview.

E-mail No. 9

Watched your interview of Amber and you were a little tough with Gloria about when the book was written but you gave in to her. Any body with a brain knows that this book was in the works before amber took the stand. This was her motive all the time. We did not see the real Amber, but only a clone of Gloria Allred. The truth has not come out about this case and we have not seen the truth about Amber. Scott is innocent and there was so much reasonable doubt you could have drowned in it, but amber with the police's help set Scott up so America would hate him and with the media's help he was found guilty of a crime that he did not commit because he was unfaithful to his wife. Hopefully the appeals court will really have the balls to look at this case and the evidence and do something about it. I have sent money to help with his investigation to find the real killer.
I always had respect for you for I always thought you were the most fair person on trial cases, but you have given in to the tribal mind set and joined the large crowd of mindless sheep sleeping their way through life and taking the easy way out. Tell me where is the evidence. If Scott was so smart to commit a perfect crime then why would he tell the police where he went fishing? This case stinks and the jury ignored all the reasonable doubt and found an innocent man guilty. There was not any evidence and there was not anything in his past that showed he was violent and all this was completely ignored by the jury. They did not have the courage to do what was right, for they could not face the lynch mob mentality. Their soul was tested for courage and they failed the test -- every one of them. They will have to live with that.
Amber had 4 dates with Scott -- what could she tell that is interesting in a book or a movie? Who was it that said a sucker is born everyday? I am seeing a lot of them out that has bought Gloria's spin about amber. BUT NOT ME! It is really sickening to see how weak everyone is kissing up to Gloria and Amber.

E-mail No. 10

I'm a bit impressed with the media regarding Amber Frey. They seem to cut her slack where others get none.
I am referring to her having one baby out of wedlock ... getting involved with Scott and sleeping with him immediately ... then before the trial starts she is already involved with a new man and expecting another child ... no marriage in sight! She learns naught from experience.
Amber is considered 'a role model' for other young women? Gloria spins! I certainly don't 'feel sorry' for Amber's experience with Scott Peterson. Life is all about choices and the results of our choices belong solely to those who make them. A little discretion goes a long way. Amber Fry is no innocent but I do applaud her for coming forward and helping put Peterson behind bars.

E-mail No. 11

Greta, your interview with Amber tonight was extremely well done. Amber is a lovely woman, and who of us has not made mistakes in our lives. I my self once was the other woman, but not in any kind of murder, but it was painful.
I admire Amber for keeping the gag order, for so very long, and glad she taped her conversations with Scott. I am a Christian woman, but I do believe in this case that Scott should be sentenced to die, in this case. Not wait for years and years, our prisons are full now, tell Amber I am praying for her, and give her credit for the courage she has to stand up for herself. The only thing, and it is none of my business, I read her book, is that she has a baby boy, and why has she not made arrangement to marry the baby's father. I watch you every evening, Greta, you are great.
Can you find out what happen to Erin Runnion, since the murder of her daughter Samatha. I watched the funeral, and then never heard what happened to the man who is responsible for Samatha's horrible death. Thanks

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