All Talk, No Action

You know what worries me about this Social Security (search) debate? There's too much heat and not enough action.

What bothers me more are those who don't even see it as a problem.

I think we can reasonably differ over ways to fix it. I cannot fathom anyone saying it doesn't need fixing. Anyone telling you that is lying to you. Period. Just because it isn't going broke tomorrow, doesn't mean it doesn't need fixing today.

Look, private accounts might or might not be the answer. But I applaud the president for raising at least this question: What can we do to shore up Social Security for the future?

He seems open, as even Karl Rove (search) said on this very show, to raising the income threshold. Others say raise the retirement age.

But lets tinker now, do now, move now and question now. Do not ignore now.

I think it is the height of selfishness for any group to say, "I've got mine. The hell with yours."

We owe just as much to our young people paying into a system as those finally getting the benefits from the system. Both are deserving.

One elderly person e-mailed me to say he had paid a lifetime into a system that owed him. I say, fantastic. Now, let's see what we can do for those who are due the same respect.

I can see it now. Someone's going to say I'm this one's lackey or that one's lackey.

I have no horse in this race. I'm just sick of the horse's asses who have tried to distort this race.

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