All Eyes on Iowa

Iowa (search), enjoy your time in the sun, because Tuesday, it all ends. All those candidates who wined and dined you, tried to wow you and move you, will be done with you.

It’s onto New Hampshire, whose own love affair will end next week, usurped by states like Arizona, Delaware and Missouri.

Like a wandering group of gypsies, the candidates move on and the hordes of media who track their every move will move on and the states that were front and center, move back.

It's the nature of things, but I still think it must be the most humbling of things.

Like the actor who's "it" … until he isn't.

The hit TV show that storms the Nielsens ... until it doesn't.

The coach who's on top of the world when he's winning ... until he stops winning.

The Internet genius one year, who becomes the befuddle buffoon the next.

History is like that. Human nature's like that. Politics is like that.

Stars pop, then fizzle. Fads come. Fads go.

So Iowa, you've had a good run. But we're done with you and your farming issues. Now we’re talking about other issues.

Life moves on. There is other snow to plow, other hands to shake, other people to suck up to.

I know this must be hard for you, but take heart. We will all once again be obsessing over you. After all, 2008 isn't that far away.

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