All Day Long the Speculation Flew...

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All day long the speculation flew, the sniper was in custody, the police had solved the crime, the van was this, the van was that.

And now it turns out none of was true. Nobody is really at fault here. If the police take men into custody, the media has to report it. If a van is impounded, we have to show it to you. That's what the news business does.

However, the endless speculation only helps the sniper, and as you know, The Factor has tried to stay away from that speculation.

Apparently the two men taken into custody by Virginia police are illegal immigrants. We don't know anything about them, other than to say they had nothing to do with the sniping.

That out of the way, here is the Talking Points Memo.

In the next five years, Americans are going to face terrible things. Foreign terrorists are not going to stop until we kill them. And the domestic nuts are going to feed off the chaos the foreigners cause.

So Americans have a choice. We can either live in fear, or we can live our lives. What it's going to be?

In the mid-Atlantic states, many schools are closed, activities have been canceled, people are crouching in gas stations. Some hysterical experts have even said that we should zigzag while walking down the street.

Talking Points believes this is all wrong. On The Radio Factor today I talked with a guy named Simon who says he lives in fear every day of his life in Compton, California, because the streets there are so violent, and random terror is everywhere. But Simon has to go to school, and he does, even though he saw another boy die right in front of him.

In the early 1940s, Hitler ordered England to be bombed around the clock. Churchill kept the schools open. People went to work, even though thousands were killed.

Americans need to show the same resolve on the war on terror. If want to hide in your basement, that is your right. So go ahead. But don't call the local school and demand it be closed after a random act of violence, unless there is a specific danger to that school.

In order to win the war on terror, we need to be a courageous country. We need to teach our children to be strong. And if we ourselves are not strong or courageous, then we need to keep quiet and let others lead.

The next five years will be very difficult in this country. There's nothing anybody can do about it. Psychopaths have targeted us, and all of the compromise in the world is not going to stop them, whether it's Usama bin Laden or some coward here with a high-powered rifle.

We all need to lead our lives and to show the courage in the face of adversity.

And that's The Memo. More on it in a few moments.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

The women of India have spoken. If you're some tall, good-looking guy, forget it in Calcutta. Research's out that says the ladies there want understanding men who don't drink but like to fool around and have a little skill in that area.

Well, since I don't know any guys like that, I can't recommend them to you over there in India. And if you do find any understanding men, please let us know. We'll book them on The Factor immediately. To not do so would be ridiculous.

How can you meet an understanding guy?

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