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Dear Viewers,

Loyal viewers will know that “On the Record” was in New York City this week to celebrate Fleet Week (search). I should have brought my video camera, but brought my still camera instead. The first day we were on the USS Iwo Jima and on day two we rode with the Marines in a helicopter. Monday I will show you the helicopter pictures, but today you get a behind the scenes look at the Iwo Jima!

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Perhaps the best part of my job is that I get to go on ships, helicopters, etc. and get the grand tours. It never gets boring -- in fact, it is always a thrill. On the Iwo Jima I was shown around by the Commanding Officer, Captain John Snedeker. In my short time with him, I could not have been more impressed. While he loves the ship, love the Navy, it was his constant remarks about how great his sailors are that left the indelible mark on me.

• Click here to watch video of Greta's exclusive tour of the USS Iwo Jima

Did any of you notice anything "funny" about my clothes last night? I was wearing a dark blue blazer for the two teases I do during the last half hour of the “Hannity & Colmes” show and a light yellow blazer during our live show. How did that happen?

Here’s how: Before our live show last night, I had to tape what are called "wraps" for a special show we are expecting to air on Monday, June 7. Wraps are pre-produced openings and endings to previously taped interviews. I thought a darker color to be more appropriate for that taped interview, so I grabbed a dark blue blazer from the door hook in my office and brought it to the set and wore it while I did the wraps.

Because of studio time issues, we did the wraps between 9:15 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. ET. I placed the yellow jacket on a chair in the studio to put on when our live 10 p.m. show started.

As you know, we do two teases during the last half our of “Hannity & Colmes” to tell you what our show will be about. We broke from taping the wraps to do the two teases for “Hannity & Colmes.” Like a dope, I did not switch jackets, but simply did the teases in the dark blue jacket.

After we finished the wraps and after doing the teases during “Hannity & Colmes,” I changed back into the yellow jacket for the live show. It was only then, and it was now too late, that I realized I was wearing two different jackets: One for the teases during “Hannity & Colmes,” and one for our show. I have not yet checked viewer e-mail -- and I will -- but I am curious who has a "good eye" and noticed the clothes. I would like to think I won't make this mistake again, but I am not betting on it.


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