Alive and Well

What do the legendary private investigator Bo Dietl (search) and actress and businesswoman Suzanne Somers (search) have in common?

On the surface, not much. Save this: They both had me thinking about life and more importantly death.

First, Dietl said Monday morning that two very close friends of his had lost their fathers, within a day of each other.

And, this past weekend, Somers, in her autobiographical Broadway debut, talking about staying in touch with loved ones, because, as she put it, "you never know."

Dietl saying much the same, reminding folks that life is short. Live it while you can.

I know neither is saying anything profound. We've all been taught to live life to the fullest and all that.

But I think there's a lot we forget — I forget — along the way.

Like how things can suddenly change. Like how people can suddenly die. Then come the regrets "after" the fact.

If only I had called more. Done more. Said more.

Sometimes, it takes a hard life to appreciate a good life.

I didn't know Somers had such a horrible life: an alcoholic father, a life of dodging bill collectors, so much pain. Reasons, I suspect, that she relishes the good. She's wise beyond her still incredible-to-believe 58 years.

Just like Bo, who knows it's good to be alive and doing well. But it's better to be alive and appreciate all who are there with you for the ride.

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