When the CBS comedy "Listen Up (search)" was canceled, star Jason Alexander (search) was the last to know.

"I found out about it in USA Today," Alexander told The Associated Press recently.

"That show had a sizable audience and a loyal audience and it wasn't a runaway hit but it wasn't a runaway miss," said the 46-year-old actor.

"We did better in our first year than the `Raymond' show did in their first year, but there was a time that a network would allow a show to grow. Those days are gone."

Alexander, who played Jerry Seinfeld's friend George Costanza on the long-running '90s comedy "Seinfeld (search)," starred in "Bob Patterson" in 2001, which quickly flopped.

But he isn't ready to give up on television just yet.

He recently sold a pilot to the USA network that Alexander describes as a "dramedy" with a detective element. The series, written by the same team that wrote "Moonlighting," will focus on two guys and a girl.