Alabama Chief Justice Undermining the Authority of the U.S. Court System

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Sorry I'm not on Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (search)'s side when it comes to the Ten Commandments.

I have no objection to the monument being enshrined in the Alabama Judicial Building (search), but the issue to me has graduated from separation of church and state to the duty of a judge to obey the rulings from judges above.

That is how our country runs. Even when judges make stupid decisions, what we do in this country is accept it or go back to fighting it in court... before another judge, a higher judge, or in the legislature, or at the polling place.

What we specifically don't want in this country is a judge defying judges, especially judges on the Supreme Court of either a state or the United States.

It's one thing for you and me to defy a judge. We're just dopey citizens who are entitled to be ignorant of the law and free to make mistakes...

But when a judge does it — as Justice Moore has done — it completely undermines the authority of the courts, of which he himself is a key member.

This tells me that Justice Moore's interest is not the law, but his campaign to join God with state.

I think he has an absolute right to practice his religion as he sees fit. What he does not have a right to do is undermine our system of laws and courts, which interpret laws — the very system which separated us from the Soviets and the Taliban (search) and the Khmer Rouge (search).

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