Al-Jazeera Laughable

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There aren’t many things about Al-Jazeera (search) that are funny.

Most of the Arab television network is just infuriating. Like they way they continually describe Iraqi insurgents as “rebel forces fighting the foreigners,” while rarely mentioning that many of the suicide bombers who blow up innocent Iraqis are foreigners.

Or when Al-Jazeera denounces Sunday’s elections based on the opinion of the Association of Muslim Scholars (search), a group that supported the thugs in Fallujah and whose associates threatened to “wash the streets with the blood of anyone who even thinks about voting.” But yesterday we had to laugh at something Al-Jazeera tried to pawn off on its viewers: that bogus story about the U.S. serviceman who supposedly had been captured by Iraqi Jihadists.

Long after we all realized that the story was fake, that the “serviceman” was actually a GI-Joe style doll, Al-Jazeera kept blasting the headline: “American soldier kidnapped in Iraq, threatened to be beheaded in 72 hours.”

Taking a look at that doll, and then at that headline, just had to make me laugh. And it made me wonder just how much longer Al-Jazeera can continue to hide the truth from its viewers?

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