Al Gore Is Back

He's back like Chucky and twice as yucky.

I speak not of my former houseboy Roderigo (we still can't find him, alas), but of Al Gore, who mysteriously disappeared as his self-propelled spaceship of climate change hysteria started to crumble around him.

Gore was always "the boy in the plastic bubble": He could say anything he wanted about the coming apocalypse, but you couldn't say anything back. He was protected by the shared assumptions of a like-minded media, fawning academics and that cool habit of avoiding post-conference Q and A sessions.

But now he's reared his humid head in yet another bubble: The New York Times op-ed section. There he addresses the Climate-Gate mess, but being a true believer, he prefers to call it an "attack" on science.

Gore ignores global warming honcho Phil Jones' revelations of no warming in the last 15 years, as well as the fraudulence of the famed "hockey stick" graph that Gore had embraced like a bag of Funyons.

What's Gore's defense? He writes: "The scientific enterprise will never be completely free of mistakes."

And therein lies the hubris. Fact is, just months ago, Gore would have told you there were no mistakes when it came to manmade global warming science; belief was pure. Now, after all the fabrications, cover-ups and "mistakes" have been exposed, you have the commander-in-climate... shrugging.

Of course, Gore still clings to catastrophe, pretending it's based on fact. But facts are not what you're hearing. What you're hearing is all the air coming out of that bubble.

And if you disagree with me, then you're a racist homophobe who eats polar bears.

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