Airport Security, Borat and Lots of Fun at 'The Desk'

We had a great group at "The Live Desk" today!

Lots of fun with our "wildcard": Brian Kilmeade.The Judge [Sr. Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano] also joined us — as did Kirsten Powers and a new addition Danielle Aidala, a former prosecutor and current medical malpractice attorney. (She is married to our buddy and frequent guest, Arthur Aidala.) We think she may be the better half! (Just kidding, Arthur.)

One of the stories that really grabbed our attention at the "Desk" today is of a 24-year-old college student who managed to make some pretty amazing fake boarding passes. He says they got him all the way to the plane — through security —- but not the scanners at the gate.

He also has purposely traveled with a pocket knife — all this in the name of demonstrating the loopholes that exist in airport security.

It was quite an interesting experiment until the FBI showed up at his door and ransacked his apartment. Now legislators want to make it illegal to create false "flying" documents. The feds took his computers and he is facing charges.

But all this raises a few questions. Is this young man providing a useful "service" by exposing the flaws in the system — or is his behavior unacceptable and potentially dangerous in a post 9/11 world?

I think he was crazy to try this and is probably very scared that he may find himself behind bars for this experiment. Still, I can't help thinking that we need more young people like him, thinking-outside-the-box and working on our side. I hope that folks at DHS are as creative about trying to think like the enemy and that they are getting closer to a more effective system to keep us as safe as possible in the air.

"Borat" — caused quite a stir around FNC today. The reviews of his new movie are stellar. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to see it soon. He is completely out-there — totally chauvinistic and anti-Semitic. Still, he has people laughing from coast-to-coast and prickly critics singing his praises.

His humor reminds me of Monty Python. That band of irreverent Brits who managed to make you laugh about the plague. Maybe he is getting all of us to laugh at ourselves and each other in very tense times. Whatever it takes — laughter is a powerful tonic.

Have a great weekend.

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