Airman Faces Death Penalty for Base Murder

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A military jury convicted an airman Wednesday of murder in the July 2004 stabbing deaths of a fellow airman and his wife at their home at Robins Air Force Base (search).

Andrew Witt (search), 23, faces the death penalty in the sentencing phase of the court-martial, beginning Thursday.

A panel of 12 Air Force officers unanimously found Witt guilty of killing Senior Airman Andrew Schliepsiek (search) and his wife, Jamie, in their duplex. Witt also was found guilty of wounding Staff Sgt. Jason King (search).

Prosecutors said Witt killed the couple after they threatened to report that he had made a pass at Jamie Schliepsiek and had an affair with an officer's wife.

Witt's lawyers did not dispute that he stabbed the couple but contended that the killings were not planned.

Prosecutors said Witt changed into a camouflage uniform, armed himself with a combat knife and spied on his victims before stabbing all three.

Officials said the killings were the first ever at the 60-year-old Air Force base in central Georgia.