Age Matters, Experience Matters

The reviews are in.

The "Indiana Jones" remake is a hit.

The one with the 65-year-old leading actor.

Harrison Ford proving, even in youth-obsessed Hollywood, that old guys can cut some pretty mean action figures.

Just like older presidential candidates can prove ratings magnets spoofing themselves on "Saturday Night Live."

Or 70-something newsmen can sign long-term contracts to make sure they don't go anywhere else.

In the past, that "anywhere else" usually meant retirement.

Not now.

And here's why.

Age matters. Experience matters.

These guys matter.

And since we're all getting older, it means we matter.

I guess there's a touch of nostalgia to Harrison Ford playing the older relic in search of an old relic. But it works.

Or John McCain making fun of his age, but you laugh.

Or Bob Schieffer "aw shucks"ing another big contract, but you marvel.

Clearly, there is nothing wrong with getting old.

There is everything wrong with forgetting we do.

And forgetting the wisdom we get when we do.

Look, I have nothing against young people.

Jeez, I was young.

And my kids are young.

But my kids will get old.

And I just like to think when they want to chase their own lost arc, lost in the argument will be how old they are when they're chasing it.

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