After a Calamity, 'Things' Matter Little

It's probably obvious, but one of the things you realize in our things-obsessed culture, is how little "things" matter after a calamity.

Sure, people miss homes destroyed, but for those so lucky, they appreciate having left those homes alive.

I caught an interview with a child whose entire stash of birthday gifts was gone, including a brand new X-box game.

But he didn't care.

Or the dad, whose spanking new SUV was destroyed. But he didn't care.

Or an amazing old guy interviewed on this network, who lost treasured pictures from a 35-year-old marriage. Gone. Forever.

But not one word of regret from him. Ever. Because the woman he shared those years with was still here, even though the filmed history of their marriage was not.

I don't think I'm saying anything profound, just maybe something about the profound dignity of life.

When push comes to shove, we are happy to shove the "things."

Just not the people with whom we've shared those things.

And reminders to the rest of us who still have those things.

That, in the end, they are just that--things.

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