Not that President-elect Barack Obama needs advice from me, but here it is anyway.

Two words: Lower expectations.

Here's why: They're out of control for you.

It's as if right after your inaugural address, you will single-handedly solve the global terror crisis, the housing crisis, rescue the markets and stave off a recession — and all by the time you put the kids to bed that very first night in the White House.

All I'm saying, Mr. President-elect, is remember two more words: Go Cavuto.

You heard me. Take a page from the "financial" factor.

When I was a kid in school, I routinely braced my parents for horrible report cards. I promised them they'd be seeing a lot of Ds and Fs.

When, lo and behold, a C or two popped up, they were positively smitten. One year, my mom all but thought I was a Mensa candidate. My Italian dad was grateful that I just moved on to the next grade.

And when all else failed, he reminded my Irish mom, "Well, at least we know he's not cheating."

Something tells me, Mr. President-elect, you never had any such academic issues.

You got great grades and even back in college, great buzz.

All I'm saying is beware that great buzz thing. You might live up to it, you might not.

Also remember that the media that seems smitten by you, will have no trouble turning on you when you slip up. And you will slip up.

Just ask Jimmy Carter. I remember for a while headlines that said, "J.C. Saves." He didn't.

So take note. Next press conference, tell everybody, you're looking at "structural changes" — "structural" always means "long."

People get that.

Just like my mom and dad got it when I said, "Mom, Dad, I'm facing enormous cumulative headwinds that are momentarily preventing my putting a number ahead of the decimal point in my grade point average."

They understood. I was human — worse, a pathetic human.

Clearly, you're not. But I don't think there's any harm making folks think you are.

Take it from this international financial megastar: The dumbest things happen if you just play dumb or make them think you are.

Take it from me, Mr. President-elect. I've built a career on it.

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