Actress Andie MacDowell Talks About Women's Heart Health, New Movies

Golden-Globe nominated actress Andie MacDowell doesn’t look 51 years old, but she is very mindful of her age since her mother died of a heart attack at the age of 53.

Now the L’Oreal spokeswoman is promoting women’s heart health so that more women will be educated, and less likely to have an untimely death like her mother.

“She was really young. And I know how young it is now, because I am 51,” MacDowell said.

VIDEO: Click here to watch MacDowell on 'Health Talk'

MacDowell is promoting a program called Time to Talk CARDIO, which stands for “Creating a Real Dialogue in the Office.”

The program's goal is to improve cardiovascular health by helping develop better communication between patients and doctors.

“It is about creating a real dialogue in the office,” MacDowell told “It’s about helping people to prepare for their visits when they go to see their health caretakers so they make the most out of that visit.”

MacDowell said she thinks many people feel anxious about going to doctor’s appointments and can often leave feeling like all the information they received was too difficult to take in, or remember accurately. The program can help make the situation more comfortable.

A common misconception people have about heart health is that if you look healthy and are in good shape, then you must have a strong heart. But looking good doesn’t matter if you have a family history of heart problems. Dr. Manny Alvarez, managing health editor of, agreed with MacDowell that the Time to Talk CARDIO Web site is not just for patients, but for doctors as well.

Doctors who visit the site can watch videos on how to better serve their patients in the limited amount of time that they have together in the office visit.

Most women don’t realize that the leading cause of death for them is heart disease. MacDowell’s tips for keeping your heart healthy include exercise and a sensible diet. She said her diet includes “real food” like fruits, vegetables and organic meats.

In addition to promoting heart health, MacDowell talked about her upcoming projects. Her two new movies are called “At Risk” and “The Front,” which will debut on the Lifetime Channel.

“I’m really excited about them,” MacDowell said. “They are both based on crime novels — Patricia Cornwell is the author. It is the first time ever that her books have gone to film.”

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