'Acquittal Doesn't Mean Absolution'

This has been a Michael Jackson (search)-free show, but now that the trial is over there are a few things I wish to say.

First, acquittal doesn't mean absolution or O.J. Simpson (search) would still be doing car commercials and hosting banquets for big fees. The prosecution had a bad case with witnesses who had checkered presents and not just pasts. But Jackson displays all of the symptoms of a pedophile. Look them up. His picture belongs in the dictionary next to the word "pedophile."

And what about those pathetic people outside the courtroom with their "We Love You Michael" signs and birds being loosed after the verdict? Don't these people have jobs, much less lives? What is it about the cult of celebrity that disciples will forgive anything just so they can feast off someone's fame to give meaning to their own pathetic existence?

Michael Jackson needs serious help, but he won't get it from his equally dysfunctional family or the leeches who are bleeding him of his money.

There are more than legal lessons to be learned from this circus.

The Michael Jackson case was a rebuke to a culture that tolerates everything and is afraid to say no to anything. What we tolerate we get more of and we've tolerated an awful lot over the past 40 years.

It kind of makes you nostalgic for the "Father Knows Best" days, doesn't it? Doesn't it?

And that's Column One for this Father's Day weekend.

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