I have an offer for you. Let’s say first, if I said to you, with no factual knowledge whatsoever, I was going to call you stupid and a racist. Then I would give a non-apologetic apology — and then I would invite you for a beer to try and fix you of your racism... Would you come?

That is the way Obama played the Henry Gates-gate….

I think much of America is outraged, but I think they're outraged for the wrong reasons.

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Here's The One Thing tonight: If you want to understand Barrack Obama, you've got to think like a community organizer — one that is transforming America into some sort of a thugocracy, and in the process trampling on and erasing our individual rights. I am going to show you your future by first showing you the past…the recent past.

There's amazing new video out from an event that took place last Wednesday in Louisiana — there’s no corruption down there. Oh wait a minute. That’s the home of ACORN isn’t it? Louisiana: home of ACORN and SEIU in New Orleans, Louisiana. Where all the race charges came after Katrina. That’s, ha…

Anyway, I’m sorry, I got sidetracked. A group called Organizing for America — which is now a branch of the DNC — hosted a press conference in Baton Rouge to promote President Obama’s health care overhaul. Guess who showed up??

People wearing ACORN T-shirts that ACORN says, “Ha, they’re not us!” Sweet isn’t it? DNC now ACORN. Well, not really. We are losing our country for the love of Pete! And I don’t even know who we’re losing it to.

We called Organizing for America today and they told us they have absolutely nothing to do with ACORN – wait until you see the video. Could have fooled us.

America’s most notorious community organizers were out in full force endorsing the overhaul along with them. A woman who shot the video thought she was showing up at the federal building for a town hall on health care — she found out quickly, oh no, not so much...

When members of ACORN realized there were some opponents like her in the crowd, they directed the police officer to step in and get the dissenters out of the way..and they were directing the police officer!

We don’t want anyone to interact here. The officer tells multiple supporters of the plan, who again were not yelling — it was a civil conversation (in both cases) — that they couldn't even talk about it... they could only talk to the media.

ACORN people continued telling the officer that they didn't want to talk to the protestors or didn’t want the protestors to talk to anyone…and he went along with it.

In this video — and we’ll post it at glennbeck.com today. In this video you see one of the people coming up and saying, hey, you’ve got to listen to the police. When they police say you’ve got to do something, you’ve got to do it. You’ve got to be kidding me. Now? Do it?

Maybe I’m missing something, but this seems like a clear violation of free speech.

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