Accused Murderer in New Zealand Says God Told Him to Decapitate Two Women with Samurai Sword

An accused murderer in New Zealand says he was forced to decapitate two women with a Samurai sword because God told him to.

Antonie Dixon also testified he had to later shoot a man at a service station because he was in a “biblical situation” and feared for his life, according to Fairfax Media.

The 40-year-old was found guilty in 2005 of eight charges in the January 2003 deaths of Renee Gunbie, Simonne Butler, and James Te Aute. The Court of Appeal ordered a second trial however, suppressing its reasons for overturning the convictions, Fairfax Media reported.

Dixon told the High Court he was depressed, on drugs and looking for permission to kill himself when God told him he must first behead the two women he lived with before plunging his Samurai sword into his own heart, the media company said. After killing Gunbie and Butler however, Dixon said the tip of the sword broke, which he took as a sign that he should abandon his suicide plan and call police instead.

According to his testimony, Dixon then left town, got a gun from a friend and stopped for ice cream at a service station where he got into an argument with several men he thought were “demonized.”

When Mr. Te Aute approached him from the group, Dixon said he believed Te Aute had horns in his head and shot him out of fear for his life, Fairfax Media reported.

The trial is set to resume Tuesday.

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